Vinny Grant

Transformational Change Specialist



I became interested in Spiritual and Personal Development when aged 18, I began having spontaneous out of body experiences that have continued for over 33 years. It was the beginning of my awakening and my search for answers about who we are as human beings and why we’re here on this rock we call Earth.   

My inquisitiveness quickly progressed to the practice of meditation, reading spiritual and psychological books, and searching for answers about human psychology, and our true potential as human beings. It was this that inspired me to really look inside and question myself even more deeply.
During this period, it became glaringly apparent that I had a lot of issues, trauma, negative memories, and undesirable personality traits.
Slowly I began to unravel the damage caused by my past and discover new qualities within myself. I became a better communicator, listener, gained more confidence and felt a growing sense of greater peace. It was at this point that I committed to developing myself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. My aim being, to be the best me I could be.   
Harmful habits, behaviours, language patterns and self-criticisms fell away. It became clearer that I was letting go of negative memories and beliefs, resulting in me naturally gravitating to higher levels of thinking, authenticity and peace and joy. However, emotions relating to other negative patterns or memories would obscure my gained benefits.
The more I released, the deeper I would go into feelings of peace, joy and self acceptance. Conversely, the period I held these states would also increase over time. It was at this stage in my development that I began to understand that we all have a natural state of peace and joy within us. It's our true nature and connection to something greater than our human experience. We merely have to get out of the way and embrace it.  
Over the years, I have developed straightforward methods to create a deep emotional clearing and work from intuition and inner guidance only.  
Much of my trauma work is completed in one session, although for some, it can take a little longer. The process depends on the number of traumatic experiences and the client's readiness to let go of what’s familiar!  
  • In 2001, I began to formalise my training.
  • In 2002, I qualified as a Life Coach.
  • In 2003, I began training: NLP Practitioners, Master practitioners and Train the Trainer.
  • In 2007, I worked as a Trainer for Paul McKenna's training company for 3.5 years. 
  • In 2007, I began training in EMDR, EFT, NLP Business Coaching and various energy practices.
  • Between 2013 - 2016, I practised with various plant medicines.
Then I began merging everything I had learned into the approach that I use to heal today. 
Over the last decade, I've developed and evolved my craft, including discovering through contemplation new methodologies that I use with people to create very deep and profound change.  
I work spontaneously and am continually learning new ways of releasing traumatic feelings that are inspired by the client's change process.
Much of my work involves working with the language of the subconscious and superconscious mind. I use the symbolic representation of the emotion associated to the traumatic memory, and guide the higher aspects of the client to take the client through an inner journey of the landscape of their mind as the symbolic representation - the emotion - to change and release.  
My favourite process involves working directly with the light that flows from within the client, connecting them to it consciously and guiding it to remove the trauma emotions. It's proven to be an incredibly effective part of my work.

" I have had the honour of Vinnie, helping me through a recent traumatic experience. Vinnie is not only a trauma release specialist he has a divine connection to the universe and intuitively knows how to help you release negative emotion. This will be done through visualization exercises and emotional, symbolic representations during altered state sessions to name but a few. It is hard to put into words how he does it. All I can say is that he exudes calm and safe professionalism with such empathy and understanding it reduces you to tears! I feel completely different and am so glad I went to see him. If you have past trauma, depression or are grieving, you must go and see him. You will not regret it!"

Nicky Alan

"Vinny is just amazing in the trauma release program. He is kind, patient and holds space with an open-hearted gentle, loving approach. Vinny has found the key to setting people free from trauma and old worn-out patterns connected to them. Vinny gifted us with an afternoon of his time on a yurt retreat on Dartmoor. I was privileged to witness the beauty when he guided my sister and three excellent friends to face what came up for them individually. The pure and utter release followed, and all they all looked fresh and free from trauma. None of the emotions linked to the trauma was present. Their words were renewed, revived, and born again. They all had total calmness for days after. Thank you, Vinny. You are an angel with a mission on earth, and you have heeded the brave call warrior."

Aradia Phoenix

"Vinny is an extremely gifted spiritual guide, as well as being an incredibly warm, funny and smart guy. I have travelled astrally and met divine guides who I can connect with at will, as well as developing my psychic and intuitive skills since working with Vinny. This has given me many unexpected positive insights personally and professionally. If you are looking for someone to help you get more connected to the divine, tune in to your gifts and up-level spiritually, then I would recommend Vinny as your first port of call."

Liz Timony-White

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the session this morning. I found it so powerful and deeply moving. Today I feel so much compassion for myself - all of myself, the 12 year old, the 21 old and the 42 year old!! I feel like they are now completely within me and not on the outside dictating things. This realisation is amazing. I feel full of possibility and happiness right now, and really, really content and calm. I feel whole. Thank-you so much. It’s so wonderful you’re a part of Strive."


"Even though I have not drank for two and half years now. I still had work to do around myself. Vinny was fab with the Trauma I had held with me for such a long time… It was buried so deep I didn’t realise. It’s so freeing and lighter. Helped me see things very differently. Throughly recommend this coaching around yourself, when you are free from substances as well as taking them."

Strive Ambassador

"I have had numerous sessions with Vinny over the last year working on issues from childhood trauma to relationships to my career path. Vinny’s ability to tap into the issues from childhood which affect our adult beliefs and our way of being is a gift. He is respectful, astute and extremely caring and I have received a great deal of space and peace from our sessions."


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