The 1000 Days Sober Sobriety Warriors


We may not feel like it, but we're all heroes in our own story, overcoming obstacles, and overpowering our villains. 


No hero should have to do this alone, and that's why we've created an elite force of sobriety warriors to help you become someone that doesn't drink alcohol.


Here's how they serve.

Online Group Coaching

Gain access to regular online zoom meetings with our coaching team to learn how to combat trauma, anxiety, and a variety of other issues that keep us drinking.

One to One Coaching

Our coaches are all available to take you under their wing for personal coaching.

Community Support

Our coaches interact with you in the Strive community forum offering support and advice when you need it most.

Vinny Grant

Transformational Change Specialist

Learn More About Vinny Grant

John Bell

Person Centred Coach


Learn More About John Bell

Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT

Thanatologist (Grief & Loss Specialist)

Learn More About Lisa Dinhofer

Liza Lim

Health & Wellbeing Coach


Learn More About Liza Lim

Claes Wallenberg

Colour Code Coach

Learn More About Claes Wallenberg

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