You drank alone; we make sure you don’t quit alone.





"When you join Strive we want you to feel a part of the community as quickly as possible. From the first moment you arrive you will be designated a Strive Ambassador to answer all your questions, and to help you find your way around. All of our Strive Ambassadors arrived at Strive addicted to alcohol, and have taken our Intensive experience, and come out the other end as someone that doesn’t drink alcohol. "






I’m Stella Stannard. I was born in Ireland, and was there till until my early teenage years when we moved to Yorkshire. I lived there for 19 years, before moving to Suffolk with my husband and two girls.
Strive has played an integral part of my alcohol free road. I feel safe, I feel everyone has my back, everyone is honest and without judgement. We have some great people who are part of our community that really help us along our road. It’s hard work being an ambassador, but I love it. I never had support or a framework like this in any other group. I would feel lonely, and then drink. I drank because I felt isolated and without community. As an ambassador, I make sure nobody ever feels alone.





I’m Nicky, a member of the Strive Family and an Ambassador here at Strive. Originally from England, I moved to New Zealand with my parents when I was 6 years old.

I am married with 4 children with a blended family on a rural property in Auckland. My sober journey started 3 years ago and finding Strive has been a powerful tool to my freedom.  My whole belief system around alcohol has shifted and I am now able to live my life being a person who does not drink alcohol with confidence. Strive is where I feel I have a huge sense of belonging and a commitment to my fellow members to honor their journey and support them along the way.






I am Laurie and am a member of Strive as well as an Ambassador.  I am a native New Englander born in Massachusetts and now living in New Hampshire with my husband.  We have two college aged children.

I found Strive after several years of trying to control my drinking without success.  With the guidance and support of Strive, I am alcohol free for nearly 2 years. I believe that if I hadn’t had the support of the Strive community, I would still be drinking.  It is important to me to help others the way that Strive helped me to finally become someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. 






I’m Craig, 38 years old and have lived my whole life in the UK. I have 3 children aged from 5 -16 and they keep me busy.
I found Strive whilst trying to stop drinking and it was at this point that I stopped ‘white knuckling it' and everything clicked into place. Learning ‘the truth about alcohol’, why I drank in the first place and also gaining help from those who had successfully stopped drinking was the catalyst I needed and I’ve not looked back since. 
Being an ambassador on Strive enables me to help others and be part of a great community of people who all look out for each other. 

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