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The 1000 Days Sober Experience

Join The 1000 Days Sober Experience

What you'll get:

  • Access to the 1000 Days Sober Coaching Videos and Assignments.
  • Access to the 1000 Days Sober Introductory Videos
  • Access to the Strive Community Forum.
  • Accountability from a like-minded peer group, and Strive Ambassadors.
  • Weekly online coaching calls.
  • Unlock Private Coaching Calls with Strive Coaches.
  • Unlock more online coaching calls.
  • Earn the chance to become a Strive Ambassador.
  • Join the 1K Sober Club, and receive lifetime access for free.

What People Are Saying:

“"Let us take a cue from Mastercard- How much money do you save not drinking alcohol? Not feeling crappy every day. Having better health and relationships. Create a new you? Priceless."”

Michael B

“"It is worth every penny because it will save your life from a hopeless state of mind. This community will provide you with a complete makeover from the inside out! There is transformative mental and emotional growth. You will learn new life coping skills. The relationships built here are secure and respectful. Some of the traits that you will encounter are a deep, sincere understanding, trust, and compassion. Our healing takes place through the coaches who work with us—healing by learning and practising to be vulnerable. The support is like none other!"”

Anna Welch

“"£40 a month is £9.23p a week… for your self investment is priceless. All the work /podcasts/ coaches/ community/ much more. It’s all here in one place. For your future you."”

Stella Stannard, UK

“Strive is primarily a place to come when you want to quit drinking, but after joining you realise that it is much more than that. It's a place to find strength, to learn about about yourself, better your relationships, and an opportunity to help and support others. It is a community. Strive is a family.”

Sarah W, UK