How to Make The Most of Good and Bad Luck: A Conversation With Sosia Jiang


The truth about life is that we will all experience good and bad luck. However, it’s your perspective and the decisions you make that matter, wherever you are in life right now. Likewise, you also need to see the importance of focusing on the process instead of the results you get.


In this episode, Sosia Jiang, an investment banker and New Zealand's fast-rising tournament poker star, talks about how she uses her in-game strategies to improve her overall mental health. She also discusses her fight against bulimia and the significance of having a reliable support system.


Make sure to tune in to this podcast to know more about how you could apply these techniques to curb your alcohol addiction and live a better and more fulfilled life.

Three Reasons You Must Listen to The Full Episode


  1. Discover useful tips that could improve your mental health.
  2. Learn about the importance of finding the meaning and purpose of your activities to stay driven.
  3. How can you transform your failures into good luck?

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Episode Highlights


Sosia Jiang’s Life During the Pandemic

  • Sosia is currently involved in various investment projects that she could work with at home.
  • She is also trying to navigate stock market moves and manage portfolios.
  • Sosia walks her dog every morning and does the grocery for her family.
  • She spends most of her free time playing online poker.

Strategies to Improve Mental Health

  • Getting more into poker allowed her to develop various strategies that could help her handle her mental health.
  • Learning how to accept losses in poker allowed her to control her emotions.
  • She takes her mistakes as a learning opportunity rather than sulking over them.
  • Being results-oriented is essential.
  • Applying deliberate practice allowed her to cope with her situation.

Her Fight Against Bulimia

  • Sosia struggled with bulimia and had difficulty managing her condition because she was unaware of its underlying causes.
  • She would often have relapses because of false hope. She attributed this mindset to having no emotional relationship throughout her life.
  • Understanding the roots of your condition is vital in managing stress.
  • Surrounding herself with the right set of people helped in her fight against bulimia.

Finding Meaning in Your Activities

  • Finding the balance and knowing the reasons behind why you are doing things are vital to staying consistent and motivated.
  • People love competition. However, learning when to step back and relax prevents burnout.
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation allows you to become successful in anything you want to do.

Transform Your Bad Luck Into Good Luck

  • We all have experienced a fair amount of bad luck throughout our lives. But passion and perseverance can help you go a long way.
  • Bad luck can become good luck with the right perspective.
  • Create a belief in your mindset to push you to try new and different things.
  • Invest in having a healthy support system and focus on processing loss effectively.

Significance of Studying

  • She currently has three undergraduate degrees because she did a combined double degree course in Commerce and Asian Studies.
  • It was during her stay at university that she realised how interesting it is to talk to a variety of people.
  • What you will learn in university is quite useless. But it is the skills that you develop that are essential in real life.

How to be Financially Free

  • She became financially free before she decided to become a school teacher.
  • Her job in the world of investment banking helped her develop useful techniques to become economically stable.
  • Sosia realised the significance of finding and grabbing opportunities.
  • Investing early and being financially literate can give you a massive head start.

Her Drive to Go Into Teaching

  • When her mum developed lung cancer, she took over her family's business in China.
  • She had an epiphany and realised what she wanted to do.
  • Her respect for her former teachers and her passion for education brought her to the classroom setting.
  • Allowing herself to reconstruct her life helped her take on the next challenge.

Overcoming Patriarchy

  • We live in a world where people associate goals and achievements with monetary value.
  • There is no structure in becoming successful.
  • Having a supportive partner working with you can help ease the expectations society has on you.

‘Focus on the process, rather than the exact results’.


‘We love competition, and we all love to have that feeling of having a little win. But it is also important to step back and realise that you need to be doing things for the right reasons.

‘Motivation is not going to be consistent all the time, and that’s okay. We can't operate 100% all the time. And so it's okay to allow yourself some downtime’.


‘Life is not just about the person who works the hardest, grinds the hardest will always have the outcome they “deserve”’.

‘We all make choices, you know. Most of our lives are a result of our choices’.

About the Guest


Sosia Jiang is New Zealand's fast-rising tournament poker star. Before making her name at tournaments in Macau, Australia, and Auckland, she has had a considerable share of bad luck throughout her life. After graduating from university, Sosia got into the world of investment banking at the Macquarie Bank. After Macquarie had acquired the Pan-Asian business, she had to live and work in Hong Kong for a couple of years. She later joined the brokerage firm known as CLSA.


It was during her stay in Hong Kong when she learned to love playing poker. For her, poker was an excellent tool that allowed her to exercise her mathematical ability and strategic skills. In 2013, Sosia moved back to New Zealand after realising that she wanted to become a school teacher to honour her most significant mentors in life and to give back to other people.

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