"Alcohol Lightbulb Challenge has been life-changing."

"It isn't just about quitting alcohol. The experience has made me understand the ROOT CAUSE of why I drank and why we all drink. Escaping the alcohol game and playing the game of life with meaning and purpose has been one of the greatest achievements of my life.”
- Kim, Australia

Lee Davy Introduces:

The Alcohol Lightbulb Challenge


Discover The Root Cause of WHY You're Drinking and

Re-connect with your True Self in 5 Days (Or Less). 


No Commitment Required. Join Today For Free and Experience The Results Yourself.

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself why you feel the urge to drink?


Why do you seem to need booze to enjoy life? 


Why are you full of dreams and desires but never seem to get anything done for some reason? 


I know the feeling… I've been there myself. 


Back then, I felt like I was possessed by a demon that was always hungry for more…


I thought quitting (or even just reducing) alcohol is the hardest thing in the world…


And guess what: 


If you follow the "usual" path the rewire your habits and get back into the driver's seat, it really is one of the hardest things in the world. 


But it doesn't have to be… Because as a matter of fact: 


Quitting Or Reducing Alcohol Is Easy… If Done Right


Think about it: 


You actually CAN stop drinking quite often. 


During sleep, for example… 


I bet you never woke up in the middle of the night just to have a sip of wine. Did you? 


Most people also don't drink while they're at work…


Or when they're in another place that forbids drinking, like churches, public transportation, etc.


What's funny is that most people don't even feel the urge to drink when they're at these places.


Some of them are actually happy that someone is telling them not to drink… (That's me 11 years ago...)


So why is it so hard to quit using willpower then? 


When you're forcing yourself not to drink, your mind constantly thinks that you miss out on something. 


Take a challenge like "Sober October" or "Dry January" as an example… 


During these periods, millions of people worldwide decide not to drink for one month. 


And many of them actually have no problem doing that.


However, right after the event, they start to drink again. (I've seen people who actually drank more AFTER finishing Sober October)




Because during the month, they told themselves: 


"It's just a month. I can do it! I just need to make it through 30 days, and then my urge to drink will just vanish."


The problem with this kind of thinking is that it creates a mindset of scarcity and missing out… 


So once the month is over, the little alcohol demon in their heads starts to celebrate again, and many start drinking more than they did before.


The key is to understand WHY you are drinking.


Because once you truly understand WHY you feel the urge to drink, the little alcohol demon cannot fool you anymore… 


he will scream and shout out of frustration, and he will try to make you believe that you need to drink to: 


  • Enjoy life
  • Calm Down
  • Get Pumped Up


But you won't believe it anymore… 


And this is where he starts to lose his power over you… 


But you need to find the REAL reason, which, if you are like most clients I had in 11 years, is not even close to what you're thinking.


That's what the Alcohol Lightbulb Challenge is designed to do.


In the previous 11 years, I've been working with Hundreds of clients directly and inspired thousands to grab life by the horns with my podcast.


During that time, I've developed and perfected a step-by-step approach to surface the underlying desires to drink alcohol in just 5 days...


It's so eye-opening that many of my clients told me they were blind, but now they see after the challenge. (Thus the name)


And right here, right now, you have the chance to join the challenge and re-connect with your true self in just 5 days...




Here's how we're going to do it:


After your registration, I will send you an email every day that contains a 15-minute long video. 


Each video is designed to help you understand the game of alcohol.


But it's not just about understanding... We're playing to win.

During these 5 days, you'll discover:

Day 1

  • What do an acorn and the oak have to do with your drinking behavior? 
  • Why does drinking hide your true self? 
  • How do you connect with your true self again?

Day 2

  • Why you cannot crush the game of alcohol if you play by the rules of its creator
  • How big liquor brands cheat in the game of alcohol
  • Why you've been tricked into drinking from the moment you were born. (Scientifically proven)

Day 3

  • What is the real benefit of drinking alcohol?
  • Why quitting or reducing with willpower is destined to fail, and what to do instead.

Day 4

  • Why there is an emotion behind each decision, and how to uncover it
  • How to become comfortable with these emotions, even if they feel overwhelming
  • The one big key to quickly deal with alcohol cravings (IF you even need to. Most people say that they actually enjoyed quitting alcohol using my methods)

Day 5

  • Get worksheets with questions that will uncover your personal reason.
  • How to work on the root cause rather than the symptoms.
  • Why most people relapse on alcohol, and how to easily avoid it without quitting social interactions or meeting your drinking friends.


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No Commitments Required! 


You can't compare this challenge to other challenges like Sober October...


Because all of these other challenges require you to commit to reducing or stop drinking once and for all. 


The Alcohol Lightbulb challenge is different... 


My mission is not to get you to reduce or even quit drinking. (Even though I obv recommend it)


My goal for you is to "see the light."


To understand WHY you are doing what you do and who really pulls strings on you. 


What you then do with that knowledge is up to you...


All I'm asking you to do is watch the 5 videos open-minded


After the challenge, it's your decision what you're going to do with your new discoveries after the challenge. 


It's your life, your body, your decision...

Here's What Others Did

After Discovering What I'm About The Show You...


After the Alcohol Lifebulb Challenge, Michael was finally able to change his relationship with alcohol once and for all.

Nicky broke free from the angst that led her to drink alcohol by discovering the root cause of her drinking behavior.

Stella beat the fear of relapsing and boosted her confidence after 5 months without alcohol.

"Nobody with an alcohol problem should be in any doubt that the experience will help immeasurably, and I wholeheartedly recommend it."

When Jennifer stumbled over the challenge, she was drinking daily. Discovering the root cause helped her to live a fuller, more awakened life.

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When is the right time to join the challenge? 


I honestly think the best time to start is right now. Here's why: 


  • You don't commit to either quitting to drink or to reduce.
  • For the first 1000 attendants, the challenge is 100% free. 


I know that facing your inner alcohol demon head-on can be terrifying…


So terrifying, in fact, that I only took the courage to give it a real try every couple of years. 


Every single one of these attempts failed until I finally discovered the real reason WHY I was drinking. 


And when I did, everything changed… 


I got catapulted back into the driver's seat and actually enjoyed every minute of the journey.


Looking back from today, I can tell you that the only thing you really need to be afraid of is: 


  • A clear head to make good decisions
  • Feeling energized and young again
  • Re-gaining your self-respect and self-esteem
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food
  • Waking up from the coma and find the courage to chase and accomplish your dreams.


And that is just to name a view of the positive things I've experienced since figuring out why I drank. (I've also built a successful business, transformed thousands of lives, found love again, and so much more...)


There is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to lose. 


So click the orange button below and sign up for the challenge right now! 


I'm looking forward to connecting with you on the other side! 




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