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The Toothbrush


How could I forget to brush my teeth? I'm 45. I think? Maybe that’s why I forgot. My mind is going the way of candlelight. 
I’ve been listening to James Clear bang on about Atomic Habits, and this morning as I juiced celery-like an Olympic celery juice gold medallist, I listened with interest as he spoke of habit stacking. 
Habit stacking is choosing a habit to act as a trigger for your next habit. It’s not a new phenomenon - BJ Fogg was the first to hold this mirror to my face - but it was timely. 
I forgot to brush my teeth because I stopped my pawn like the subconscious, this morning, favouring conscious awareness. I chose to do something differently, and as a result, my body forgot to brush my teeth. 
Habit stacking is crucial if you want to be someone that doesn’t drink alcohol. Failure to implement this strategy will be your Achilles heel; trust me on this. 
How many of you go through life blinded by blocks of time; continually falling into the armchair thanks to the comfort of the path of least resistance. 
Here’s an example.
Imagine you wake up, brush your teeth, take a shower, dress, apply your makeup, make a cup of coffee, have some toast, drive to work. So far, so good. Habit stacking 101.
Next, you hit your first big block of time.
It can be anywhere from 6 - 12 hours, and throughout that time you’re a zombie. 
The buzzer.
You jump into the car and head home, switch on an episode of the 1000 Days Sober Podcast; walk through the door, put the car keys in the bowl, kick off those high heel shoes, rub those calves, and step into the kitchen to make dinner. 
Then you hit your second big block of time.
Your time.
How many of you plan and schedule this time?
How many of you turn into a pro during this time?
How many of you habit stack?
Imagine you join Strive. When are you going to share and help others? Let’s say you take the STRIVE Method for Addictions or Relationships workshops, when are you going to watch the assignments, do your homework, and support your peers? 
When are you going to exercise?
When are you going to meditate?
When are you going to stretch?
When are you going to do something that creates intimacy?
When are you going to have fun?
Start, today.
Make a list of all of your habits - good and bad.  How can you get rid of the bad, and habit stack the good?
Make a list of the things you want to implement in your life. How can you stack them, one on top of another, increasing the likelihood that you will become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol?
Stop your body doing its thing.
Step into your mind, and take control of the reins.
Become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol by taking action, not through crossing your fingers behind your back.