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The Leaky Tap

I heard the sound of running water gushing from the tap behind me.
I shook my ding-a-ling, used the running water to wash my hands, took the photo that you see above, and then switched it off. 
During the time I worked at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, they never fixed that tap. Unless you know the knack of turning it off, it bled water from 8.30 am till 11,00 pm. 
A few things are going on here.
1. Nobody cares enough to do anything about it.
2. The specialist remains at home.
It’s the same with alcohol.
When we drink alcohol, we bleed hours of our life. We know we have leaks, but we don’t care enough to take action. It’s no coincidence that most Strivers are 40+. We no longer feel immortal. 
We have to care enough to do something about it. 
I could try and fix the tap, but I don’t know the first thing about plumbing. You need someone who knows their way around a leaking tap. It’s the same with being someone that doesn’t drink alcohol. We don’t know how to stop drinking. To change this paradigm we have to reach out to people who know their way around a life destroyed by alcohol. 
You will find these people on Strive. 
Come and join us.