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The Bell and the Blackbird

I’m on the phone to Jude telling him that my life is shifting in ways that I can’t understand since I decided to invite spirit/universe/God/Mother Nature/whatever you call it, into my life.

We kept joking about ‘spirit’, and after I left him, I took a photo of 'The Bell and the Blackbird' to send it to a friend, when I noticed that my bookmark, eking out of the top, had the word ‘Spirit’ on it.

Then I started preparing for a call with someone who wanted me to help them quit smoking. I boiled the kettle and reached for a teabag from a collection of different herbal delights. The one I chose had the word ‘Revitalise’ on the cover, the exact name of the program, I enrolled someone in some 40-minutes later.

How does this shit work?

I have no idea.

I’ll take it, though.