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There’s an air of desperation when it comes to mulling over a period before taking the vow to be someone that doesn’t drink alcohol. 
It’s as natural, as a working-class man choosing frying steak over a quality cut of the fillet, but as the Stiff Little Fingers once sang - it doesn’t make it alright.
What if we chose another way?
Instead of coming at this from a thunderstorm of concern, and forks of lightning that strike at the heart of what’s really happening underneath the hood - you’re doing something you have to do.
How about we choose to do this because it’s something that we want to do. Isn’t that more banquet than a soup kitchen, more cops than robbers, more Tweety Pie than Sylvester. 
Tear down the innards of a person of utmost success, and you will find a heart that beats to the rhythm of someone who has chosen to do something that they get to do. 
What do you choose?