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Life Sucks

You can inhale the perfume of a red rose, or you can burn it.

Life’s what you make it.

There is no roadmap; you have to create one, and I know it's as simple as scrambled eggs to follow your parent's blueprint but that 1970s shit isn't half as effective today.

Create streets that twist, not straight ones.

Line one side with a blooming hillside full of deer, not a graveyard full of bent out of shape stones.

Choose relationships that keep you on the tippy part of your toes.

How you get there and who with, is more interesting than what happens when you get there. Once you get there, you are too busy figuring out where to go next.

But all of this takes work, and who likes to do the work.

As Striver Jenn said:

"I feel like what makes a partnership really amazing is the work you have to do to get through it and the work always, always sucks at the time."

Yes, it does.