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It's my turn to take Zia to bed, and as is standard, she wants her Mum.

Immediately, she triggers me.

"Here, we go again!"

I compose myself, get above the line, get down on her level (she is lying face down on the floor, crying), and I do everything I can in my armoury to connect. 

She responds: "I don't like you! Go away!"

I am losing control.

Who am I kidding? I've never had control.

Because I can't 'fix this' by being present, my mind sends me on a nosedive into drama. I move into child chauvinism: my body posture, tone - entire demeanour changes. I contemplate threatening her. I go downstairs and tell Liza that I will implement a consequence if she doesn't get off the floor and brush her teeth.

"Give her some time." Says Liza.

I go back upstairs, and she is reading a book. I grab one from the bookcase and sit next to her. 

She tells me to go away.

I go into the bedroom, start reading, and say, "let me know when you're ready to wash-up."


I keep reading.

Maybe a few minutes pass.

"I'm ready now, Dad.

As I help her brush her teeth, she says, "Daddy, I am so sad right now."

And I let her feel her sadness. 

Parenting is tough, and it's one of the topics that 'The God Solution' author Neale Donald Walsch covers in the video below.

Much love.



PS: If you want to watch the full interview with Neale, then follow this link.

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