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I Didn't Have VD, Honest...

Did you know that there is a VD clinic in Ayia Napa?


Luckily there is, and even luckier, they have a needle and thread. Unluckily, the quack who works in the VD clinic must be blind. 


I guess it's good fortune (I didn't want to write luck again) that the stab wound is beneath my arm and not on top of it. Saying that, whenever I have a short-sleeve on, and I stretch those arms up, I know people are not staring at my armpit hair. 


True story, and a slight diversion, but it's worth it. 


Not long ago, I bought organic coconut deodorant for my armpits and woke up one night with a cockroach flossing his teeth on my armpit hair after cleaning the coconuts from their shy. 


Ok, back to the story…


Ah yes…


Someone had stabbed me.


Being stabbed when blind drunk and nearly dying (the VD guy's words, not mine) is an excellent reason to stop drinking. 


Not this lad. 


It would be 17-years later, when another stab wound, this time through my heart after the collapse of my marriage, that I finally decided to quit drinking. 


{The irony that I quit alcohol to save my marriage, and then later she divorced me when I was sober is not lost on me.}


Why I stopped and the way that I stopped was a significant moment in my life. It was as if someone has strapped on my big boy wings. 


Imagine spending God knows how much time and money drinking a powerful poison that provides you with zero value, f**ks you up in every way possible, and you are blissfully unaware of this fact. Imagine having an ego the size of Dwayne Johnson's bicep and then learning that the world had stitched you up, lied to you, and played you for a fool. 


As you can guess, I didn't take it very well.


In fact, I didn't take it very well.


Did I say that already?


Yeah, I was super pissed.


And I looked around, and everyone that I cared about, screwed around with, climbed out of and played doll's house with was also being conned by the same machine. 




I couldn't hack it.


I vowed at that moment that I would do everything in my power to reveal the truth to the world. 


And that's what I am doing.


The world wants to make it so incredibly complicated, but I see it as such a simple thing.


I help people to see that there is no value in drinking alcohol. I do this by helping shift paradigms from 'alcohol is normal and pleasurable' to 'alcohol is a poison that destroys your life and has no value.'


I also help people recognise and channel emotions to remove the need to reach for the bottle and help people create kick-arse relationships with themselves and those they love, so…yes, you've guessed it….they don't have to reach for the bottle. 


I spread my gospel through education and philosophy that forms in my mind and spews out of my mouth into formats such as my podcast, my blog, Marco Polo, my community, and the STRIVE Method experience. 


At STRIVE, our beautiful community, we call this Holy Grail, 'conscious living', and you're going to need that support in pursuit of that Grail because believe me, if you've been poisoning your mind, body and soul for decades, then things seem a little out of whack once you stop.


If you think that 'conscious living' sounds a little bit hippy shit, then how about…


Doing the right thing.


Being a good guy or gal. 


Being present.


Ok, so that's the 'I nearly died and survived' story that every Tom, Dick and Brendan Burchard has…


Reply to this ditty with a "Me Too!" if alcohol has taken from you. 






You are not alone.


Strive on!






PS: If you want to learn to control alcohol, then why not get on a call from me, and we’ll see how we can help you do that. Click here to set it up.