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How to take a giant step towards controlling alcohol without taking a massive risk immediately.


It only cost $50. 

My wife, Liza, asked me to join her. 

It was another pit stop around the circuit of self-improvement. I can't remember the workshop's title, but I remember how it changed my life. 

As the two coaches dripped honey into my mouth, I thought of a question to ensure maximum value from my time. I liked the way the coach answered it. The call ended with an opportunity to speak with one of their sales team to learn more about their program. At the end, as Zoom screens began disappearing like the bottles of wine used to vanish down my throat, I heard him speak.

"And you, Lee Davy…you had better make that call."

There were more than 100 people on the call.

"You should do it," said my wife. 

I took the call, and before the sales guy could say anything, I handed him my credit card details and paid $5,000 for the course. 

I could make that decision quickly and with so much surety because I was in a similar spot ten years before. Back then, I didn't have a mental map for paying 5-figures for a course. I had a mental map that paying for classes is what rich people do. It was out of my league. 

This way of thinking starved me of the nutrients I needed to find my true power. 

And, boy, did I need it.

I had just stopped drinking alcohol, and I had no idea what to do next. I felt terrified, lonely and misunderstood. I just knew in my gut that I had to do something. That's how I ended up on a phone call, and that's why despite my head telling me that $3.5k was extortionate and that this woman was a con artist, I felt the fear, and I did it anyway. 

I joined, and my whole life changed. 

Ten years later, and it was about to change again. 

I could feel it in my bones, and this time was different because I did have a mental map for what could happen next IF I prioritised doing what it takes to squeeze every drop of blood out of the experience. 

It was never a cost.

It was always an investment, but I never realised that. 

So, I paid the $5k. 

Once the experience ended, I paid $12k.

When that ended, I paid another $10k.

Today, as I sit typing this, listening to Max Richter send tranquillity through my veins, I am the most powerful and majestic version of myself. I am in top form. I have a massive window of tolerance to hold space for others, and it's growing more expansive every single day. 

I am the best husband, father and human being that I can be right now, and I am improving all of the time. Is this feeling worth $30k? It's a steal, and it all began with a curious $50.

The STRIVE Community is the lifeblood of 1000 Days Sober. It's a place where we come together and share 'real talk.' We are our true, authentic selves. 

We do this through the video recording app, Marco Polo, and our online meetings that take place Mon-Fri. We do this through our online forum and learning centre containing content that's not available anywhere else on the Internet, designed to help us control alcohol and live consciously. 

So, how about it?

I will do for you what that coach did for me.

"And you…you had better make that call."

Strive on!



PS: Here is the link.