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Game of Thrones fans will remember Ser Jorah Mormont picking up a greyscale infection. Mormont discovered the infection when ‘greyscales’ appear on his wrist. Over time, Mormont knew that the disease was progressing because when he glanced into the glint of his sword, greyscale covered more and more of his body.
Alcoholism isn’t as forgiving as a greyscale infection. 
Most people don’t see, hear or smell alcoholism, and if your senses don’t pick it up, then it doesn’t become a problem.
Blissfully unaware of the ever-tightening grip of one of the most complex and destructive addictions in the world, it becomes a hidden monster that without the right support system and tools will destroy us slowly but surely. 
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 
The first step is realisation.
But here you are.
Now you have it.

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What if there’s an all-in-one place where you can learn how to quit alcohol forever AND live a fulfilled life as a non-drinker? Introducing The 1000 Days Sober Experience - the only educational & support system in the sobriety space helping you get to 1000 days sober and beyond.

Find help quitting alcohol, learn from others & find compassion.

We provide relapse prevention strategies, reduce the upfront and hidden costs of drinking, and help you deal with the shame that emerges from the terrible things you might do while in active alcohol addiction.

If you’re serious about quitting alcohol forever, you know you can’t do it alone.
At 1000 Days Sober, you will find an outstanding coaching team, bond with the most loving community & work towards a most fulfilled life for 1000 days and beyond.
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The 1000 Days Sober Podcast is a treasure trove of information covering every aspect of the Strive Model for Change. With more than 250 episodes there is something for everyone, and that's not all. The 1000 Days Sober team has designed unique workbooks and show notes for each episode to deepen your knowledge even further. You can find all of our most recent episodes, and a few golden oldies, here.
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DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: This is not medical advice, and if you believe you require such advice, please seek immediate help from a medical professional. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner. If you want to quit drinking and are worried about doing so, then in all cases you should first contact your doctor and seek advice and assistance. These are the tools that worked for me, and I share them with you as a learning tool. If you have sought or seek medical advice and or attention and any of these tools are in conflict with that advice or assistance, please do not use these tools. I take no responsibility for the continued use of these tools in contravention of any medical advice or assistance you have sought.