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Finishing Things


Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass on creative writing is brilliant, and one of the things Neil touches on is ‘finishing things.’
“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.” - Neil Gaiman.
At one point during his class, Gaiman says, “You are going to screw up, you are going to break things, you are going to do things that don’t work. Your job is to get the bad words out. You have to just get it out.”
How does Gaiman suggest we do this?
“You have to just do stuff.” - Neil Gaiman.
You have a choice; you can be a slave to alcoholism your entire life, embracing the negative and toxic combination of thoughts and feelings. Or, you can ‘do stuff.’
Listening to the 1000 Days Sober Podcast = doing stuff.
Reading blog posts like this = doing stuff.
Joining the 1000 Days Sober Experience = doing stuff.
Having the courage to be vulnerable on Strive = doing stuff.
Helping others on Strive = doing stuff.
Participating in 1K Days Sober online and live events = doing stuff.
If you want to be someone that doesn’t drink alcohol, you have to learn to finish things and to do this you need to 'do stuff.' 
If you’re not so great at either of those things, then don’t worry, that's why The 1000 Days Sober Experience exists - we break things and put them back together.

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