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Finding A Deeper Meaning And Purpose Through Helping Others

During our darkest times,  we struggle to find meaning in our existence. And every day, we question the purpose behind all our hard work and efforts. We may be dreadful on the initial results. We may wonder if changing is really worth it.

Travelling on the long and windy road is definitely not a waste of time for you--or for anyone who offers their lives to change. It may seem pointless initially because there is a lot of commitment and energy lost in the process. However, this is life.

In most of these trying times, we forget about the minute things in our life--how we breathe, how there’s food on our table, how incredibly good for us to find people who want to help us in our journey. Somehow, we would wake up and realize how our lives can be so miserable but still full of things we should give our sincerest gratification.

Learning your true purpose could mean helping other people to find theirs during their darkest times. Guiding people who are lost could cultivate your own healing and growth. Building these strong relationships and connections is a meaningful process for you and for the people in this community. 

Finding a deeper meaning and purpose could also mean being there for all the hurts, for all the loneliness, for all the pain and helplessness. You must find hope in encouraging others to dive into their creative potential and trusting the process you have built. After all, the meaning and purpose we are looking for are always there. You just have to look extensively.

A 1000 Days Sober Coach shares how meaning and purpose could be propagated from her students at the 1000 Days Sober Coaching and Training post, Building Rockets. She commented, by “...Giving them the courage needed and the space to explore themselves on a deeper level.”

How would you help others find the meaning of their journey? 

How would you find your purpose?