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The Gods


I used to love visiting restaurants. Today, it's excruciating. I catch myself forcing my food down with the same charm as a penguin to its chick, as I try to prevent my daughter, Zia, from all manner of death.

I am in a Vietnamese restaurant throwing an aubergine and okra curry down my gullet. Zia decides to take her shoes and socks off for a spot of vagabonding. Fortunately, she stops short of running out of the front door into the dozens of expensive suits that are busily going about their day. An altar, set up to honour ancestors, has grabbed her attention like an art collector standing in front of 'The Concert' by Johannes Vermeer. 

"What's that?"


"What are they there for?"

"An offering to the Gods."

"What's that?" Asked Zia pointing to a bottle of Malibu.

Don't worry; I didn't tell her that it's part of an invisible, violent and dominant belief system. Instead, I said, "Ask your Mum. 

But it is an IVDBS, and one of the reasons the belief system exists is because of the process of Institutionalism.

Culturally, our Gods encourage us to drink, our health departments encourage us to drink, and our political systems encourage us to drink. 

Institutionalism has you believe the people have the problem, not the poison. It's the perfect pitch for our Resistance to suggest it's both 'normal' and 'pleasurable' to drink a potent poison loved by Vietnamese Gods that kills 3.3 million people per year.

"What's God?" Asked Zia.

"Ask your Mum."



Photo by Callous Gee on Unsplash