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Shanna Whan: Helping People in the Australian Outback

Sober in the County (SITC) began as a few blog posts in 2014 by rural woman and newly (then recovering) alcoholic Shanna Whan after her own near-death experience from a twenty-year battle with what she calls 'invisible alcoholism.'
She decided to speak up and 'come out' with a simple goal of helping others in remote areas know they weren't alone. Shanna is now healthy, happy, and almost five years fully recovered. She has dedicated those years to being a volunteer one volunteer turned that one conversation into a national movement and is about to go to air nationally via Australian Story - and become a national charity - due to the incredible response and 'me too' movement it's created in the rural space.

She is lighting the way for rural professionals and peers to safely come behind her and discuss the previously taboo topic of the outback alcohol culture.

Everything she does is self-taught and straight from the heart.
Listen to the podcast here.
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