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Chasing Rainbows And Unicorns

Chasing rainbows and unicorns is a child’s dream. 

You know unicorns are pretty desirable, and the urge to not pet them is extremely undeniable. 

You know that chasing rainbows is almost impossible, yet you continued to look for that pot of gold. This scenario is you trying and somewhat winning in sabotaging yourself. 

Self-sabotage happens when your subconscious and unconscious mind are overpowering your conscious mind. 

On one side, the area responsible for addressing your primal needs deceives you to obtain instant gratification. While the latter is critical and holds you back from taking one sip.

When you are testing your upper limit, you allow yourself to become vulnerable. By drinking alcohol, you will enable yourself to experience the rush to easily fall into the trap you have just dug. 

Awareness about your present situation is your best armour. 

To live a conscious life means recognizing and understanding your unwavering value. 

Sure, expectations from a lot of people seem like a lot of pressure rested upon your progress. And it cannot be far from the truth. However, you unconsciously sabotaging yourself is harsher. 

A STRIVER shared her experience about self-sabotage in the STRIVE Method for Addictions Assignment: Self-Sabotage. 

She commented, “My area of self-sabotaging is limiting my potential by allowing my mind to feed me worthless stories about “myself” that keep me stuck. And yet, something inside me, since becoming sober… A longing, [a] new voice continues to present itself and tells me that I can do all things. So what if life was unkind to me… I am still here. I have worthy stories inside me now and they will not be silenced.”

You have heard and are constantly reminded how the value of self-awareness can contribute to your self-improvement. Practising self-assessment and knowing your typical thinking patterns can help you in dealing with your self-sabotaging behaviour. When you delve consciously into your behaviour, you can point out areas in your life where you unconsciously sabotage yourself.

Where in your life are you self-sabotaged? 

Are you still chasing rainbows and unicorns?