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Becoming A Diamond

“Diamonds are made under pressure,” says Caroline Buchanan. And you’ve probably heard this a million times. And it’s mostly true. People who have managed to not succumb at their lowest points have always risen above. They shine the brightest.

The feeling of drowning, sinking, or falling, also known as Katabasis, is the immense descent of our souls. Some of you may have defined this as “rock bottom,” the trying times, or even depths of our misery. In psychology, this is associated with depression. Whatever this may be, you are in an area where a lot of opportunities await.

When you hit your lowest points, you will become open to your optimal and greatest change. Experiencing katabasis is the signal you’ve been asking for. It is your wake-up call to rise above the feelings of despair, shame, guilt, and fear. 

Reflection and realizing the choices which are not sustainable is the first step in escaping the pithole. Along with the awareness of your destructive and dysfunctional behaviours, you must gain a fresh perspective about your past beliefs about yourself. Most importantly, you must consciously have the willingness to change and take responsibility for your future actions.

A STRIVER shares their eye-opening experience about their lowest point in life in the STRIVE Method for Addictions assignment, Katabasis.

They commented, “What motivated me to open my mind was a yearning for better connections, more conscious living, and a desire to improve my career. I wasn’t forced to make these changes; they came from a true desire within my heart to live a more authentic lifestyle. I knew there needed to be an excavation; a restructure of my life.”

Your Katabasis reveals you in your most vulnerable moment--it shows your wounds. 

Acceptance of your vulnerability and questioning your beliefs about alcohol are always the initial moves. There is no shame in coming from this situation because, finally, after years of polishing, you are now on the path to become a diamond. 

Are you ready to embrace your vulnerability and be a diamond?