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An Invisible Problem

We all have to be drunk in something to get us going in life--be it alcohol, gambling, work, the internet, or even exercising. That’s right; every one of us is addicted to something.

When we hear the word “addict,” we automatically assume a negative connotation—specifically, a junkie, no-good, violent, sometimes a homeless person who does not contribute anything to society. The problem lies with our perception of how an addict looks.

Biology taught us how addiction looks in our brain—our pleasure/reward circuit is hijacked, hooking us to wanting more and more of this unique stimulation. And while this is a fact in most cases, most of us would still believe and perceive it as a moral choice or problem. 

Self-stigmatization accompanied by a great sense of shame is usually a result of stereotyping and false assumptions on addictive behaviour. 

While some of you might seem to have a healthy relationship with addiction—particularly high-functioning and productive individuals in a definitive view of the public, this does not necessarily mean that there are no complications it manifests in your daily life.

It creates a normative illusion where everything is okay. It permits the behaviour to continue and hinders you from addressing the problem.

Addiction has many different faces. The internalisation of the appearance of an addict has a wide range of looping effects on your approach to changing your behaviour.

A Striver shares his idea of how an addict looks on The STRIVE Method for Addictions: Stuck Phase post, Why We’re All Addicts.

He commented, “To me, an addict is anyone who seeks a drug instead of facing life’s difficulties. If you have a hard time facing family complexities and you then work as much as you can to stay away from that. You are addicted to work. Maybe not immediately, but I believe that’s how addictions start…”

It might be invisible and impossible for you to see how some cope with their addiction.

What does an addict look like to you?