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Something has clicked. 

It's clicked before. 

It will click again. 

While it's true that we wake up a different person, this morning I feel it. The distillation of thoughts and the manifestation of prosperity make my bones bulge.


We all fall into Seth Godin's dip. 

I think I've been in mine for quite some time.

I crawled onto the back of Dr Will Cole, the author of the 'Inflammation Spectrum', and his utterances have wholly revolutionised my mind, body and spirit.

For 8-weeks, I refused to put inflammatory food and drink into my mouth in a bid to heal fractures in my way of thinking and feeling. Today, I look and feel tip-top, culminating in a mindset utterly defiant against all forms of resistance. 

And, remember, it began with a decision to stop drinking alcohol.

"I prosper wherever I turn. I now see opportunities for abundance everywhere. I am blessed and prospered." - Louise Hay.