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Welcome to Your New Life

We know that sounds bold and maybe even a little cheesy but… you know what? That is what awaits you as you embark on this journey. Addiction is a complicated beast, and it’s this convoluted and complex chaos that leaves you entangled in the web of status quo.

What is STRIVE?


STRIVE is a community of support. It is education and personal development. It is a Philosophy.


STRIVE is Truth > Awareness > Freedom.


STRIVE is the road
to being Alcohol Free, forever.

What is a Striver

A Striver is someone who has vowed to never drink alcohol ever again; to live a fulfilled life, and build rockets to fly to Mars.

Strive Philosophy

The addiction process cycles through a series of specific stages of change. In STRIVE, we focus on five of these changes - the beating heart of our philosophy.

S - Stuck
T - Thought
R - Research
I - Initiative
V - Vigilance
E - Enlightenment

The standard methodology in addiction is to meet the person at their specific change state. At Strive, we think differently. There is much-needed power in developing a greater understanding of how addiction to alcohol works. For that reason, we insist that everyone begins at the starting line irrespective of how long it’s been since they had their last drink. 

Our philosophy breaks down into two phases.

More Strive Philosophy
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Andrew, Striver, Canada

Before finding STRIVE my life was not in a good place. I wanted help, and that is just what I found when I joined. The community showed me such love and support that it helped ease my fears about quitting alcohol because I found so much empathy and a group of people who had been able to quit. We love and support each other here, and that makes a world of difference in my view.

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Craig, Striver, UK

Strive has been a great help throughout becoming someone who does not drink alcohol. There is a wealth of advice from people at all stages of their journey, always available and ready to lend an ear.


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Alcohol strips us of our dignity and hope.

Each of us arrives at STRIVE riddled with shame, and afraid of authenticity and vulnerability. Immersion in STRIVE helps you to become comfortable with the uncomfortableness required for growth; to normalise discomfort, and to create the resilience required to become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol.

STRIVE is a safe place to share stories with people you can trust, have mutual empathy, and can bear the weight of your stories.

Practically speaking, STRIVE includes an online community that you have access to 24/7. Also, various other communication channels open and close when they are needed - for instance WhatsApp threads or live Zoom meetups.


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Running parallel to the support network is the Strive Sobriety System designed to help create a healthier belief system around alcohol and alcoholism.

At the end of each coaching video is an assignment designed to help you explore why we drink alcohol, raise awareness of that reason, and lean into the freedom that a life as someone that doesn’t drink alcohol provides.

Feedback on your assignments, comes from your peer group, and the Strive ambassadorial team - a group of people who were once addicted to alcohol, and now thanks to Strive’s philosophy, are people that don’t drink alcohol.

Supplementing your education and support system are a series of live online group sessions helping you to coexist in a world of people that believe drinking alcohol is both normal and fun.

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At Strive we understand that there are many underlying issues that are encouraging your addiction to flourish.

With this in mind, we have hired outstanding coaches trained in the art of trauma recovery, thanatology, holistic nutrition and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Your Strive subscription allows you to experience group workshops led by these fantastic people, and as you successfully navigate your way through the Strive Model for Change, you unlock private one-to-one sessions with them.

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