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"Before 1000 Days Sober I was a Nobody Going Nowhere, Now I am a Somebody Going Somewhere." - Glynis, Australia.

We aren’t going to lie. Stopping drinking is hard, and the most significant challenge is overcoming triggers. 


At 1000 Days Sober, we believe developing the self-care and tools to experience these triggers without drinking is crucial.

- Together we create a trigger toolkit

- You work with our outstanding coaching team to identify root cause

- Our incredible support system means you're never alone

We have provided a video series sharing how a member of 1000 Days Sober goes through the Trigger process. 

Lee Davy

Lee Davy is the founder of 1000 Days Sober, The Strive Community, The Truth About Alcohol Philosophy, And The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast.

He is not an alcoholic, and he refuses to be anonymous. 

I have never met my father, and unlike the soap operas, I don’t care. I do care about my children, Jude and Zia. Zia is my greatest teacher. Mrs Kingscott was my English teacher. I bumped into her when I was in my late 20s, and she told me that my poor behaviour made her cry. I cry a lot, and the theme seems to be an underdog story. The documentary that made me cry the most was Under The Wire, and for a movie: Bridges of Madison County. I’ve never been to Madison County, but when I first became someone that doesn’t drink alcohol, I joined the poker industry and travelled all over the world. The world frightens me. I am also afraid of the cockroach I saw in the garage last night, swimming in the sea, and the dark. I’m so afraid of the dark, I wear a sleeping mask to bed and freak out if I lose it because I have a habit of seeing people in my bedroom; not dead people, but not real either. That said, I don’t have a bedroom. 



I have been homeless since my first wife divorced me. A divorce is a brutal experience. So was severing my penile frenulum, being dropped from my school football team when I was nine, and being stabbed after a drunken night out in Cyprus - but the divorce is the most painful experience of my life. Life rhymes with the wife; her name is Liza, and she is from Los Angeles, LA is where I live for six months of the year. Year rhymes with beer, and I haven’t had a drink of that stuff since 2009. 2009 is the year I left the railway after 19-years service. Service is my ‘theme’. My favourite theme tune has to be Pavarotti’s Nessum Dorma, the theme tune for the Italia 90 World Cup. During that World Cup, my parents went away for a dirty weekend, and I had a house party. Someone called the cops when Kevin Baldwin pissed on Brett Tozer's head, and then put him through my mother’s bedroom door. I was blissfully unaware; in the kitchen delivering nine Alsatian pups. That party was legendary, as were my birthday bashes from 18-35, but thanks to alcohol I can’t remember any of them because I was always so smashed. 



I love smashed avocado, smoothies with peanut butter, and anything sweet that doesn’t have sugar. I believe sugar is a drug, and it’s the hardest thing I have ever tried to quit. Talking about quitting things, I have quit smoking, drugs, drinking (alcohol, not water and stuff, that would be nuts, and I haven’t quit nuts), gambling, pornography, animal products and picking my nose and flicking it on the floor. I sleep on a futon on the floor (that’s why the cockroach scared me). Futon rhymes with Zuton, and they’re a great band. So are Portishead, Duran Duran, Placebo, Muse, Leftfield, and Max Richter. Bands play live, and my first concert was James in the G-Mex in Manchester in the early 90s. Radiohead supported them, but nobody knew who they were. My favourite concert was Coldplay because it was the first gig for my son, Jude when he was ten. Ten is the age that my parents moved me from England to Wales.I have lived in Wales for the majority of my life with stints in Bristol and Southampton. Two of my best friends live in Southampton. I met them when I was a drinker, and like most of those friends, I don’t see them anymore. I don’t have a lot of friends, because I work so hard building Strive, and prefer to spend time with my wife and two kids and to write things like this. 

Your life can be bigger and better that you ever imagined.


Lee Davy



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