The TTAA Taster

Become someone that doesn't drink alcohol for one month and feel fantastic.


What is The TTAA Taster?


The TTAA Taster is for people who want to experience the challenges, and the wonderment of becoming someone that doesn't drink alcohol, without having to think about the complexity of making a permanent decision.

For 27-days, you will work under the guidance of a TTAA Ambassador gaining an insight into the TTAA philosophy of TRUTH, AWARENESS and FREEDOM that has helped many become people that don't drink alcohol.



Learn the truth about why you drink, and why it's so difficult to stop.


Raise awareness of the truth so you can become someone that doesn't drink, without craving


Learn how to reassert yourself back into society as someone that doesn't drink alcohol

The TTAA Taster Syllabus



    Week 1 - Introduction

  • The 3W's: Why are you doing this? Why now? Who for?
  • S&W: What strengths will help you, and what weaknesses will hinder you?
  • The Future You: what does being someone that doesn't drink alcohol look and feel like?
  • Schedule: Where are our challenges this month?
  • Triggers: What are they and how do we control them?
  • Momentum: The importance of doing the work
  • The Vow: We vow to not drink alcohol for a month.


     Week 2 - Truth

  • What is Alcoholism?: A look into the nuance of this state, and how it keeps us stuck.
  • What is an alcoholic?: A look at the stereotype of the alcoholic, and how it fits into alcoholism.
  • Resistance: Understanding the voice in our head, and how to deal with it.
  • The 7 Sins of Sobriety: Why do we drink alcohol, what value does it provide, and is that value true?
  • Resentment: Raising awareness of this crucial feeling once you become someone that doesn't drink alcohol.
  • The Work: The importance of continuing to do the work.
  • Compassion: A look at the role that compassion plays in this journey


     Week 3 - Awareness

  • Cognitive Dissonance: What is it and how does it play a role in our decision to drink?
  • We Think; We Do: What role does our brain play in all of this?
  • Justice League: The role that marketing and advertising plays in our decision to drink alcohol.
  • Mindful: The importance of mindfulness and meditation.
  • - Value: Does alcohol hold the value we think it does?
  • Forgiveness: Learning to forgive ourselves and others.
  • Moderation: A look at the #1 question that plagues all of us "Can I drink moderately?"


     Week 4 - Freedom

  • White Space: What is it, and how do I fill it?
  • 3-Acts: If we were to structure our life from scratch what would it look like?
  • Theme: The importance of finding meaning & purpose.
  • - Cast: We are the average of the five people we spend our time with, so who are they?
  • Muda: The concept of waste; tracking it down and eliminating it from our lives.
  • What Next?

What the TTAA Taster Teaches You


  • Why you drink alcohol, and why it's not your fault.
  • Why you find it so difficult to stop.
  • How societal conditioning and the brain work together to convince you that alcohol is both normal and pleasurable.
  • That alcohol doesn't provide you with the value you think it does.
  • The powerful role that Resistance plays is our decision to drink alcohol, and how to overcome it.
  • The critical role that Triggers play, and how to develop long and short term tools to deal with them.
  • The importance of taking the vow.
  • Why our understanding of the terms alcoholism and alcoholic are so damaging to us.
  • How to deal co-exist with people that drink alcohol.
  • The powerful role that cognitive dissonance plays in our decision to drink alcohol.
  • The powerful role the marketing industry plays in our decision to drink alcohol, and how we are walking, talking billboards for our children.
  • Why moderation is part of the problem.
  • What white space is and why how you fill it is so important.
  • How to rediscover the theme to your life, and what that means?
  • To take a closer look at your environment, and the people you spend the most time with. 
  • To rebuild your life and your self-esteem.

The Resistance

I'm in no hurry to do this: Yes, you are. The simple fact that you are here tells me you are ready. There is never a good time to do this, meaning starting right now is the best time. The longer you put this off, the more damage alcohol wreaks in your life.


I don't have the time to do this: I'm not going to beat around the bush, the TTAA Taster is going to need at least one hour of your life for the next 27-days. The experience is a challenging one. It's time you put YOUR needs first. It's the old 'put your oxygen mask on first' adage. Think about how much time you spend thinking about drinking, drinking, and recovering from drinking. You have the time. 

I don't have the money to do this: I used to spend £400-500 on alcohol per month, and that's not including all the junk I ate, the costs of replacing things I had lost or damaged, and we never see the hidden costs of the damage this shit is doing to our bodies and our self-esteem. Imagine how much more money you would have if you were someone that doesn't drink alcohol?

I don't have the desire to do this: Then it's not for you. Resistance has won. You cannot become someone that doesn't drink alcohol without putting this decision #1 in your life, and that means creating an unstoppable desire to achieve this state of being.

I don't need the Taster: This is the most common issue with men (they don't like to be told what to do or how to do things). You need something, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. You drank alone, don't stop drinking alone. 

I don't trust Lee Davy or his philosophy: Listen to the AA Podcast, join Strive, reach out to me by phone or email. Ask questions, trust develops over time. Reach out and ask for the statistics so you can see that the Taster works. If you are still unsure, then let me find you another home. Don't use Trust as an excuse to not do something different.


Steven Pressfield on Resistance "Are you paralysed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” 

"The TTAA Taster has had a profound impact on me. It changed my attitude toward alcohol so that I no longer crave it. Lee is a caring and attentive mentor and the Strive community is a great group to belong to."

October 2018 Alumni

"The TTAA Taster won’t take too much of your time, but the impact will be huge. I’m a busy mother and wasn’t a big drinker, but I wasn’t comfortable with the need to drink. The TTAA changed my perception on alcohol and life in general. The content is A grade as is the support from your mentor. Book your spot today!"

October 2018 Alumni

""I did the Taster with Lee Davy for 30 days and I was so thankful for all the insights and support from the group. The people in the group felt like new friends with lots of wonderful support for each other! For anyone looking to stop relying on alcohol to solve the problems in their mind, I highly recommend joining Strive.""

November 2018 Alumni

""The old operating system of using alcohol was creating glitches and crashes in being able to access the potential in my life. I tried to correct the problem on my own. But I needed some tools and support. I found Lee’s podcasts in the end of October and immediately signed up for the November Taster. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve downloaded so much wonderful new information that is aligned with what I want to do with my life. It was simple to understand and the group support could not have been better. Wow! Love where I am after just 30 days." "

November 2018 Alumni

"Taking the TTAA Taster has been one of the most transformational things I have ever done. I have struggled for many years with daily drinking, and it has systematically made me miserable, ashamed and unhealthy. Over the years it has also eroded the relationships I have with my husband and children. In the Taster I got to really delve into my relationship with alcohol, and why I drink. I got to see clearly the structural belief systems around alcohol which society has been lead to believe from birth, and to question those beliefs in depth. What I learned by going through the Taster, doing the daily Assignments and interacting with fellow Strivers, was that the lens I was using to look at alcohol was completely distorted, and that there was a different lens available. One that told the complete truth without the con. Now I have completed the Taster I can definitely see more clearly, and I’m looking forward to signing up to the TTAA Intensive to continue this journey. I have found structure, support and acceptance in this virtual Strive community. This has been crucial for me to move forward in my journey to become someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. In my years of searching for support to help me with my drinking issues, I have never found anything like this before. This works. Thank-you Lee, Craig and all of the Strivers who have supported me in this past month. You have a permanent place in my heart. xx Kim"

March 2019 Alumni

The TTAA Taster

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