Lisa Dinhofer MA, CT

Thanatologist (Grief & Loss Specialist)


Lisa is a certified Thanatologist (grief & loss specialist) with a subspecialty in trauma, a Master's prepared trained counsellor, trained mediator and crisis communication expert.

She has over 18 years of professional experience training,

consulting, coaching, debriefing and speaking to a diverse client base, particularly in high stress occupations.

Lisa mentors organizations past traumatic or destabilizing events including active shooters, employee violence and workplace abuse. 

Lisa provides training and coaching for the myriad types of losses affiliated with addiction for those struggling with or affected by substance abuse and has personally been impacted by the trauma of addiction within her immediate family.

Lisa has served as an adjunct instructor in the Graduate Thanatology program at Hood College in Frederick, MD and is the founder of Koden Consulting Services, LLC.


Hello to everyone at Strive,

Thank you for the very warm welcome and the opportunity to work with you.

Loss (be it from death or non-death circumstances) and trauma are more often than not, a primary component of an individual's struggle with addiction and a painful and inescapable element of loving someone struggling with addiction. I know this from first hand experience within my own family.  

Many people misunderstand grief thinking it only pertains to death but that is not true. Addiction brings many types of non-death or 'non-finite' losses that are equally as painful and difficult to cope with as those related to physical death, often combined with elements of trauma.

Effective recovery, coping and healing from alcohol or substance abuse of any kind, for those addicted or impacted, must address these painful issues so as to disempower them as drivers and triggers to continued suffering-so you can take back your power over your life.

Resilience and healing are inherent to everyone. Human beings already come equipped to build and activate these attributes and with enough support can absolutely be successful in moving from soul crushing circumstances to meaningful lives.

I look forward to coaching Strive members in group settings and one on one to help you work through painful loss issues and move forward in your life to where you want to be, even if right now you aren't sure how to get there.


"Having the opportunity to hear and interact with Lisa Dinhofer was a life experience. Just being in her presence, feeling her energy and passion held me captive. Her words, her experiences, her expressions and her body language compelled me to take an honest look at “who” I am and in what form do I see it manifest. Now I have it, I want to be a giver of peace, that person who can come into any situation and do or say something or nothing and for at least a moment help someone feel peace.!"

Therapist in Training workshop attendee

"I met Lisa at a writing conference, and I was struck by her poise and the genuine, self-confidence she emanated—it set her apart from everyone else in the room. When we had the opportunity to speak, I also saw a great deal of compassion, wisdom, and integrity. I went to the conference to learn more about becoming an author, but unknown to me at the time, I was also there to cross paths with Lisa. I was at a particularly low point in my life, and after the conference at my request, she helped me with coaching sessions and gave me advice that changed my life. With a deep understanding of human nature and the techniques that can transform severe depression and debilitating anxiety into peace, joy, empowerment, productivity, fulfillment, and love of self, Lisa opened a door to my healing. I had to walk through, but she was there to guide me. I’ll forever be grateful for her help and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be the person they were always meant to be or to anyone who simply just wants to wake up and feel happy. "

Coaching client

"I have been working in the Child Welfare field for the last 8 years and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Lisa Dinhofer in the fall of 2012, when she debriefed a crisis situation that had occurred in one of my cases.... I am confident that the expertise Ms. Dinhofer offered when facilitating that debriefing preserved my skill set as a professional social worker. I have since had multiple other interactions with Ms. Dinhofer where she has demonstrated a unique and valuable skill set working with people in a state of crisis and guiding them through that difficult time. "

Professional training attendee and coaching client

"Lisa helped me have a breakthrough…changed my entire outlook on my attitude and work life balance…she has truly changed my life for the better."

Coaching client

"I found the one-on-one (coaching) very beneficial. Lisa helped me with confidence issues and my feeling a decreased self-worth."

Coaching client

""(Coaching) was career changing. I don't know what my future holds but I am no longer afraid. Most grateful!!"

Coaching client

""(Coaching) has been extremely helpful-I mean this when I say-I am where I am because of your investment in me."

Coaching client

"I have been working with Lisa for a few months on some issues I felt were potential land mines in my quest to become and remain alcohol free. She initially reached out to me based on a post on Strive and offered her help. I am so grateful she did as I know, I would never have reached out to her. I made the decision to work with her, and I have not regretted that decision in the least. That first 1 on 1 session with her was insightful and inspiring. Lisa is empathetic, inquisitive, intelligent and creative; everything I think a great coach should be. I immediately saw the value in what she could offer and decided to work with her outside of Strive. In the short time I have been doing this, she has been a real source of clarity and understanding. Her homework assignments have started to make a real impact on my day to day living. I still have a long way to go. I have recently signed up for continued 1 on 1 work with her because I feel her methods are having a positive effect on my life, and ultimately on those around me. I like that Lisa has broad experience and has been able to tailor our session to my specific needs. If anyone is considering a coach, I would venture to say you need to look no further. Lisa is fantastic."


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