Welcome to Your New Life

A life free from alcohol and the chaos that comes with it.

A life where more is possible. 

Join 1000 Days Sober, and learn the truth about alcohol; raise awareness of that truth, and experience freedom.


Be a Quitter

Are You Ready to be 1000 Days Sober?


1000 Days Sober is an online educational experience, and support system, designed for people who have a longer-term vision for sobriety.


Read Our Principles

The Strive Model for Change

Based on James Prochaska's 'Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change', the Strive Model for Change takes people through the six stages of alcohol addiction ensuring we meet you where you are at so you are not taking action until you're ready. 

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Learn why so many people become stuck in the alcohol-trap




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Learn how to manage with the ambivalence of alcohol addiction.



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Why do we drink alcohol, and what preparations to we need to make if we are to consider an alcohol-free life.

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The start of the 1000 days sober challenge where we teach you the truth about alcohol. 


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Raising awareness of your new philosophy to stop cravings dead. 


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Learning to fill our white space with meaning & purpose.



What is STRIVE?


STRIVE is the community hub of the 1000 Days Sober experience.


Strive is a place where like-minded people gather to support each other through 1000 days of incredibly gratifying challenges.

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What is a STRIVER?


A STRIVER is someone who commits to 1000 days sober, makes the decision to change much bigger than themselves, and lives a life of continuous personal improvement.

Connection Before Correction


The 1000 Days Sober experience is an outlier in the sobriety field because unlike most programs, ours never ends. 


The experience begins four times a year (Jan, Apr, Jul & Oct), and we use a goals orientated methodology to help you reach the ultimate goal of joining our 1K Club (1k successive sober days).


Still, the doors to the Strive community forum are never closed.


We highly encourage you to join today, and experience the full depth of our intimate and beautiful support network, Strive, so by the time the assignments begin, you will be on fire.

Be a Quitter

The Key Benefits of the 1000 Days Sober Experience


1. Accountability

In committing to be 1000 days sober you're investing personal accountability, long term.

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2. Sharing

We've designed each assignment to encourage deep introspection, and a mechanism of sharing that feels liberating, both to share and be the recipient of someone else's story.

3. Honesty

Through our assignments, and your involvement in the Strive community, you'll learn to be honest about your addiction in the company of like-minded people.

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4. Managing Fear

Fear bonds us to addiction because we're afraid of change. The 1000 Days Experience, coupled with the Strive Community, helps you develop the courage to feel the fear and do it anyway.

5. Epic Meaning & Calling

To beat alcoholism we need to make our decision to become alcohol-free much bigger than ourselves, and 1000 Days Sober works with you to find that epic meaning and calling

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6. Shame Resilience

1000 Days Sober's principle of radical honesty and transparency, coupled with the practice of being comfortable with being uncomfortable, helps build shame resilience.


7. Evolution

1000 Days Sober provides you with an educational program and support system that lasts forever, meaning we evolve as you do. It's one of the best alcohol-free after care program in the world.

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8. Leadership

A clear and focused visionary who wants to help people, and will never give up on you once you take the vow to become 1000 days sober.