How to Shift from Victim Mode into Your Fullest Potential: A Conversation with Xavier Dagba



Have you ever caught yourself feeling like or playing the victim? This victim mentality can get the best of you, especially in your relationships. It can become toxic, abusive and disrespectful. However, on the flip side of this victim archetype is your warrior archetype. By becoming self-aware and allowing ourselves to feel, we can shift to a warrior mindset and ultimately unleash our fullest potential.

In this episode, Xavier Dagba talks more about the victim and the warrior archetypes and their relationship with our emotions and feminine energy. He relates suppressed emotions to triggers, which may lead to addiction and cause toxic, disrespectful relationships. He also shares insights and tips on how to shift out of the victim mentality and tap into the warrior energy within us.

Tune in to the episode to discover the importance of tapping into your emotions and feminine energy to live a sober life and reach your full potential.

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"Usually men are suffocating that energy here. We are not willing to speak our emotions, and to feel our emotions, to communicate how we feel. And this is why men struggle, and sometimes we need to numb it. So we use whatever we can to numb it—addiction, porn, whatever you can name to numb those emotions".

"Triggers are huge opportunities right now for men to heal, especially around the feminine. And for men that are suppressed to a level that is extremely deep, they will feel attacked at the level that they will have to reply with the strength that is equivalent".

"At that very moment when you recognise that you’ve been triggered, it is so necessary to make it not about the person because it is not about them. They are just a messenger, and the message there was the emotion. The emotion is the thread that you need to follow. This is what brings you home. And how do you follow the emotion? You feel it".

"You are the designer of yourself at the moment. There is no right way to be you; only you get to decide what it looks like. So how do I want to show up next time in compassion, in love for myself, in self respect, and also eventually respect for the other person?".

"It is so extremely important for men right now to be in places where they are not going to be judged so that they can safely begin to explore what feeling their emotions look like for them".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on how to shift from victim mode into your fullest potential, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode, and an incredible workbook designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Xavier Dagba is a transformational coach, speaker and blogger. He is passionate about helping other people transform their lives and discover their full potential. 

Xavier runs a group coaching program called Integrate. He also does personal coaching through his program called The Purpose Accelerator. He calls the community he built around his passion Thrive Tribe and continues to walk into other people’s lives to help them thrive. 

Get to know more about Xavier through his website. You can also find him on Instagram and Facebook.

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