Overcoming Financial Beliefs That Limits Us with Amanda Frances


If you've ever told yourself you can’t afford something, that’s completely understandable. However, we should not limit and shrink ourselves because of the beliefs we’ve formed around our finances. Learning how to look past our ceilings, will help manifest energy that will bring us abundance. This is the experience and lesson that Amanda Frances shares and resonates with so many others.


In this episode, Amanda Frances talks about how we can overcome the fears and anxieties surrounding money. She shares a new way of looking at money and how it has significantly changed her life. Amanda also tells about how she is constantly pushing boundaries, and that it’s normal to continuously hit boundaries.


Tune in and be motivated by Amanda’s fresh perspective on trusting ourselves with money and pushing the limits with it.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode


1. LEARN why money shouldn’t be something that limits your goals.

2. DISCOVER a new way of looking at money, instead of being anxious around it.

3. UNDERSTAND why you need to continuously set new limits for yourself.


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Episode Highlights 

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“So I think when you start feeling better about money, and you trust yourself more with money, and you have less anxiety around money, it improves your whole life”.

Money is really great at showing you your fears”.

“Instead of saying, like, yes this is true, I am a woman. And some men will not respect me, and some men will want to keep me down, and that is real. And I’m going to succeed because that is who I am, that’s where I’m going, that’s what I choose, it’s who I beat, it’s how I show up. And that’s more powerful than anything else”.

When you have that empathy for a human, then like the forgiveness piece can be natural than the grudge and the resentment”.

The word is responding to us based on our beliefs about ourselves. And when we change that stuff, everything else has to change, too".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on overcoming financial beliefs that limits us, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About Amanda


Amanda Frances, also known as the “Money Queen,” put her old goals aside to risk it all and start her own business. Now, she is a self-made millionaire and life guru with several incredibly successful digital training programmes. Without the help of investors, she has put herself through graduate school while growing a world-renowned brand.


Through her accomplishments, she is well-known for empowering and helping women to become financially independent. Her goal is to reach out to women who have the desire to help others and get the power of money into their hands. 


Amanda has several training programmes as well as coaching available on her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel with an abundance of insightful videos.

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