The Journey To The Expansive Self with Alex Kemp


Every inspirational story starts from rock-bottom before a breakthrough occurs, and we're taken on a magical ride. This is the human narrative, and we must allow ourselves to experience this journey and accept that mistakes and failures are part of evolution. With the absurdity of people, emotions, and life itself, we must open our consciousness and make decisions through our expansive selves.

In this episode, Alex Kemp talks about the two parts of people and why we have to become vulnerable and accepting of life. She also touches on topics of forgiveness, societal norms, emotional responses, and magical processes. She discusses the need for faith and trust to truly appreciate life for what it is and be in a state of peace.

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Episode Highlights 

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“That's probably one of the hardest things for me, to this day, it's something I'm still working on, is just allowing, if I trigger someone by setting a boundary, just allowing that to be there, and allowing them to be uncomfortable, and what what I'm seeing play out in a few ways is this drama triangle that we've learned together so much about this year of the victim, the hero and the villain, and even just not wanting to be the villain, when you're setting that boundary, you know, and again, tracing it back to that desire for approva”.

“What I want to highlight here, what feels important is that all of your mental processes of trying different things on and seeing what resonates with you, is all a part of the journey of discovering your truth”.

“Sometimes it just burns and it's uncomfortable and it hurts. But if we allow ourselves to just walk through the fire, fire and alchemy is transformation, it brings us to a new state of being. And in alchemy, once you're transformed, it's like, you can't even go back to that old version of yourself. So sometimes when we allow ourselves to be courageous, and walk through that fire, that is the thing that ends up transforming us”?

“If you listen to any story of an inspirational speaker, they have that moment when  shit hits the fan, and they feel like everything's falling apart. And then they have that moment where the breakthrough comes in the expansion comes. So I think when we trust that part of life, then things get even more magical and powerful, and in a way miraculous”.

“This whole message around forgiveness and just knowing that we have been learning through trial and error, since the moment there was life on this planet. That is how evolution has worked”.

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more about the journey to the expansive self, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About Alex


Alexandria Kemp is a transformational coach and writer. She empowers many individuals to trust themselves and come into profound clarity with their souls through her sessions and programs.

She has a 3 month Uncover Your Magic program which has helped countless people change their lives through learning to love and understand themselves, having forgiveness and self-compassion, healing their blocks, and living out their authentic power and expression.

If you wish to contact Alex, you may reach her through her website.

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