What if there’s an all-in-one place where you can learn how to quit alcohol forever and live a fulfilled life as a non-drinker?





The only education & support system in the sobriety space helping you get to 1000 days sober and beyond 


Find help quitting alcohol, learn from others & find compassion.

We provide relapse prevention strategies, reduce the upfront and hidden costs of drinking, and help you deal with the shame that emerges from the terrible things you might do while in active alcohol addiction.


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You have lost your passion and no longer dream, but you believe you can still realise your fullest potential and be better than what you are today.

You feel alone because your closest support systems (family & friends) don’t see or hear you. However, you’re also uncomfortable with joining support groups for people with a drinking problem.


You’re overwhelmed by the work it takes to keep sober. You’re expected to keep track of your medications, go to therapy, and reintegrate into your community all at the same time.

You’re embarrassed to tell other people you want to stop drinking alcohol.




You’re trying your hardest to achieve and maintain sobriety, but you think you’re not progressing as quickly as you want.



If you’ve found yourself in these situations,


might be what you’re looking for!

The STRIVE Model for Change

At the heart of the 1000 Days Sober Experience is the STRIVE Model for Change. A 6-phase process covering all aspects of the alcohol-addiction cycle. We meet you where you are at, and you only take action against your addiction when you’re ready.


Why can’t you stop drinking? Why do you drink? Why can’t anybody else see, alcohol is a problem?


Still, considering drinking? Learn how to deal with the ambivalence of whether you should drink alcohol, moderate or abstain.


If you’re ready to become 1000 days sober then it’s time to get your toolkit ready for the journey of your life.


The beating heart of our philosophy. Allow us to open your eyes to the truth about alcohol and commit to quitting alcohol forever.


Change your neurological connections, belief systems and values to maintain your sobriety.


Work with our coaching team on the critical post-recovery work helping you to excel and achieve your dreams.






At 1000 Days Sober, you will find an outstanding coaching team, bond with the most loving community & work towards a most fulfilled life for 1000 days and beyond.


Coaching From People Who Know You

Learn from our incredibly talented coaches trained in the arts of trauma recovery, thanatology, holistic nutrition and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Join the Strive Support System

Connect with a loving, intimate community who can be vulnerable with you and bear the weight of your story. Be guided by ambassadors who were once in your shoes and recovered through the 1000 Days Sober Experience.

VIP Access

Get discounts to all our classes and programmes outside the 1000 Days Sober Experience.

Extensive Foundational Work

Develop a strong understanding of the invisible, violent and dominant belief system we call Alcoholism.



Interactive Sessions

Assess your progress after every phase with the help of Strive coaches and ambassadors.

200+ Lessons

Access weekly lessons, assignments and training in multimedia formats.

The only course & support system in the sobriety space helping you get to 1000 days sober and beyond.



  • 10-Weeks
  • 3-5 assignments weekly
  • Online review meetings


  • 18-Weeks
  • 3 to 5 assignments weekly
  • Online review meetings


  • 12-Weeks
  • 3 to 5 assignments weekly
  • Online review meetings



  • 12-Weeks
  • 3 to 5 assignments weekly
  • Online review meetings


  • 12-Weeks
  • 3 to 5 assignments weekly
  • Online review meetings


  • Forever

The course starts with extensive foundational work.

First, we ensure you understand the gravity of society’s addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism is an invisible, violent and dominant belief system: it claims 3.3 million lives every year, more than war, murder, terrorism and Covid-19 combined. Yet we’re not doing anything about it, and we still actively encourage others to partake in it.

Our framework is based on a proven model.

The STRIVE Framework is modelled after James Prochaska’s Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change. Simply, it states that change is cyclical, not linear. At 1000 Days Sober, we have a twist. While meeting you where you’re at, it’s important to start your education at the beginning to develop a fuller understanding of Alcoholism as an invisible, violent and dominant belief system.

We hold your hands every step of the way.

Everyone new to the 1000 Days Sober Experience feels ashamed of their addiction and fear being vulnerable in front of others. Joining 1000 Days sober normalises becoming comfortable with discomfort, a requirement for your growth and recovery.

Alcoholism is Non-Relational; the antidote is relational literacy.

Alcoholism is a complicated biopsychosocial belief system that is non-relational in its orientation. The antidote is to increase your relational literacy, and that’s what we do during the 1000 Days Sober Experience.

BONUS: The Strive Support System is also available for you.

Your 1000 Days Sober Experience allows you access to the Strive Support System. Never feel alone in your recovery with the Strive community as your support system.


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Think about the £40 as an investment, not a cost. It’s nothing compared to the amount you have spent on alcohol over the years. That fee gives you access to top-class coaching and a loving, intimate community who can be vulnerable with you and bear the weight of your story.

If Strive works for you, you’ll find it’s worth it to stay in the community. If our comprehensive training and private support system don’t help you in any way, you can simply cancel your subscription.

The £40 subscription fee is good for 30 days. You won’t be committing to anything beyond that time frame. You also won’t owe us anything if you cancel before the 30 days expire.

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1000 Days Sober Grants

At 1000 Days Sober, it's important to us that we don't create a financial barrier when it comes to your incredibly brave decision to question your relationship with alcohol.

If you're struggling financially, write to us at thetruthaboutalcohol@gmail.com and we will do everything in our power to find someone who can help you. 

What People Are Saying About 1000 Days Sober

‘Becoming someone who doesn’t drink alcohol is a lonely road, especially at first, and I was struggling on my own. But it was much more than “company”. It was the first time anyone had ever said they had my back, and it was the first time I felt true acceptance’.


'Before finding STRIVE my life was not in a good place. I wanted help, and that is just what I found when I joined. The community showed me such love and support that it helped ease my fears about quitting alcohol because I found so much empathy and a group of people who had been able to quit. We love and support each other here, and that makes a world of difference in my view’.


‘Strive has been a great help throughout becoming someone who does not drink alcohol. There is a wealth of advice from people at all stages of their journey, always available and ready to lend an ear’.


'I joined Strive when I found the 1000 Days Sober podcast. At the time I knew I didn’t want to slip back into my horrible drinking life. When I joined I hadn’t drunk for 5 months. I wanted to make sure I could surround myself with folks who were on the same page. When I introduced myself here it was instant warmth’.


‘Similar stories, regular connection (people who aren’t on and off), shared feelings, emotional support, and mutual respect is extremely valued. I should also note how much I value a private space to share information and I adore our Strive forum for this reason’.


‘I believe being a Striver is bigger than us. Though we are very directly addressing alcohol, there is a bigger theme to the program that sneaks up on you. At least with me, it was like I woke up one day in a different world. I’m loving it. Strive on’.


About the Founder

1000 Days Sober was founded in 2013 by 1000 Days Sober Podcast host Lee Davy.

Lee Davy founded 1000 Days Sober angry and frustrated that he had been hoodwinked into believing alcohol provided him with incredible value. When he realised that it had no value whatsoever, he vowed to help as many people as he could see that truth.

What started as a blog about Lee’s experience morphed into a podcast, a course and now a community for people who want to live fulfilled lives as people that don’t drink alcohol.

In the beginning, Lee was a one-man team. He has since gathered the best sobriety coaches and created a holistic program focused on spiritual and personal development, person-centred therapy, grief and loss recovery and health and well-being. As the founder of 1000 Days Sober, Lee now serves as the creative driving force behind the program, the voice of the podcast and the leader of the community.

He is married to 1000 Days Sober coach Liza Lim, and they have two children, Jude and Zia. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

When Lee is not helping people see the truth about alcohol he is a writer, producer and content creator in the poker world. 


The choice is yours.

£40 gets you access to top-class coaching and a loving, intimate community who can be vulnerable with you and bear the weight of your story.