Who am I?

I am a perfectly imperfect, totally f**ed up human being trying to be the best father, husband, friend, leader, son, and brother that I could be.


I stopped drinking alcohol around 2009.


It was a decision that changed everything.


I lived in a former mining village in South Wales called Ogmore Valley. I was a 19-year rail worker, married 15-years, and had a beautiful son called Jude.


In the next few years, I left my railway career and travelled to 28 countries across five continents, building 1000 Days Sober while trying (and failing) to be a professional poker player.


My childhood sweetheart and I divorced, and it wasn’t pretty.


I lost regular contact with my son.


I quit gambling, porn and sugar.


I fell in love and married my queen, Liza.


I had another child, Zia.


I emigrated to the US.


My name is Lee Davy; I am not an alcoholic, I refuse to be anonymous, and I spend every minute reparenting my true self, so it feels safe to reveal my full majesty, love and power to the world.


Check Out Our Philosophies


"Similar stories, regular connection (people who aren’t on and off), shared feelings, emotional support, and mutual respect is extremely valued. I should also note how much I value a private space to share information and I adore our Strive forum for this reason".


“Becoming someone who doesn’t drink alcohol is a lonely road, especially at first, and I was struggling on my own. But it was much more than ‘company’. It was the first time anyone had ever said they had my back, and it was the first time I felt true acceptance.”


"I joined Strive when I found the 1000 Days Sober podcast. At the time I knew I didn’t want to slip back into my horrible drinking life. When I joined I hadn’t drunk for 5 months. I wanted to make sure I could surround myself with folks who were on the same page. When I introduced myself here it was instant warmth".