These people learned the truth about alcohol at Strive and became people that don't drink alcohol. We assume you drink alone, don't quit alone - join us.


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We Don't Control Our Drinking! We Don't Drink Mindfully! We Don't Moderate! We Quit Permanently!

What is Strive?

Strive is a community of people that don’t drink alcohol, and choose that life-changing decision as a springboard into a life of belonging, connection and authenticity.

Strivers drank alcohol to numb the anxiety, loneliness and isolation created by the shame generated by disconnection to ourselves and the world around us.

Strive is a lifelong commitment to reconnect both spiritually and physically to ourselves and the world around us.

Strivers learn to be seen, heard and valued.



How Does it Work?

The first goal of any Striver is to become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol. We drank alone, but we refuse to quit alone. Strive is a safe place to share stories with people you can trust, have mutual empathy, and can bear the weight of your stories.

Alcohol strips us of our dignity and hope.

Each of us arrives at Strive riddled with shame, and afraid of authenticity and vulnerability. Immersion in Strive helps you to become comfortable with the uncomfortableness required for growth; to normalise discomfort, and to create the resilience required to become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol.

Running parallel to the support system are more than 100 coaching videos designed to help create a healthier belief system around alcohol and alcoholism.

At the end of each coaching video is an assignment designed to help you explore why we drink alcohol, raise awareness of that reason, and lean into the freedom that a life as someone that doesn’t drink alcohol provides.

Feedback on your assignments, comes from your peer group, and the Strive ambassadorial team - a group of people who were once addicted to alcohol, and now thanks to Strive’s philosophy, are people that don’t drink alcohol.

Supplementing your education and support system are a series of live and online group sessions helping you to coexist in a world of people that believe drinking alcohol is both normal and fun.



How Much Does it Cost?

Strive is a monthly subscription service that costs £40 (GBP) per month. The subscription fee gives you access to the community, coaching videos and online and live group meetings.



What Do I Get?

You become a member of a loving and beautiful community of people who want to remove alcohol from their lives. You will feel a sense of acceptance and will develop judgment-free friendships with people who have a shared cause and empathy.

Through our extensive coaching program, you’ll learn the truth about alcohol, how to raise awareness of that truth to become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol and learn how to exist in a world where alcohol and the people who drink it are ubiquitous.



Online & Live Training

Attend weekly online training sessions ran by Lee Davy and his team of Strive Ambassadors, and connect in the real world through ‘Strive Live’ connections.



What’s My Commitment?

Financially, £40 per month (the price of a round of drinks), and you can cancel your account whenever you want. There are no long-term financial commitments.

Finances aside Strive is a lifelong commitment. Yes, I know that’s a scary thought for some of you, but that’s what we offer. Strive is much more than a place where we help you conquer your addiction to alcohol. It’s a place where we cultivate spirit through deep and meaningful kinship. It’s where we discover who we are, and our full capabilities. It’s a place where we find love, worthiness and belonging.



"Since becoming a Striver, my life has changed for the better. I did the changing in my life only with the help and support of the Strive Group. I always figure out a way to avoid taking that first sip of alcohol. I will use the knowledge I have learned here for the rest of my life. The friendship and one on one personal detail that I get are worth my investment. There is truly nothing like this program anywhere. I have completely turned my life around with confidence. "


"The forum is inclusive and supportive. You will find yourself amongst like-minded people, who have trodden or who are treading your path. There is so much empathy, understanding and encouragement. There are other forums and movements that can help you, but for me, this is where I have found a home, this is where I found that I am not a number on a balance sheet, I am a name on a friend list. "


"Before finding The Truth About Alcohol and the Strive Community my life was not in a good place. I wanted help, and that is just what I found when I joined. The community showed me such love and support that it helped ease my fears about quitting alcohol because I found so much empathy and a group of people who had been able to quit. We love and support each other here, and that makes a world of difference in my view. "


"The Strive Community Forum is an intimate group of people who will show you how to become someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. The group will support you through all the fears you have about becoming someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. "


"I had quit drinking on my own before joining Strive. My husband has always been supportive but being a “normal” drinker he can never understand some of the issues I face. Quitting drinking is hard. Strive has made it easier. I have a community that knows what I am going through. Friends who listen and encourage me to be my best self. "


"I had been drinking too much and trying to quit for 15 years. I went to AA on and off for about 6 years I had 3 or 4 different sponsors I did the steps several times. But it just didn’t take. I tried Antabuse and moderation management meetings in Hermosa Beach California but I still was drinking. And out of control. When I found Lee and the Strive community it was like a godsend and I honestly can’t even remember how I found them but I am glad I did because now I have not drunk since December almost a year. I am me again! "


"I quit drinking alone, and that’s how I ended up feeling. Alone. That was until I found Strive. I believe, we are defined by the people and ideas we surround ourselves with, and so the warmth, support and personal growth I have found at Strive make it the place I want to be. The place I have to be. "


"I found Strive when I’d decided to already stop drinking. But here’s the thing, having supportive AF like-minded Strivers has pushed me further into the depths of being someone who doesn’t drink, I check in every day ( a form of journaling my journey) it’s so good to see and hear that you are no different, when it comes to the pull of alcohol. It’s addictive … if alcohol was a person it would be in jail for what it actually does to people. No one looks at the real reasons situations happen… there is always drink at the underlying reason. This forum is welcoming, empathetic, strong, and to the point. Everything is here for you to discuss your relationship with the dreaded drink. Enjoy strive, I have and still am nearly a year on. "


"If you’re drinking and you’re beholden to it, you’re wasting your life. Strive really does work, and is a wonderful resource - I’d already quit when I joined but it kept me going through inevitable tough spots. "

Lee Monks

"I’ve been on an AF journey for 89 days now and only slightly less on Strive. It’s a great community and a great support network. I’ve had a few blips on my journey and even if you do then I’ve found using the Forum is a great way to keep going. Don’t forget you’re taking a great opportunity to quit alcohol but you also have to admit it was something you enjoyed. It’s bound to have its ups and downs like life but with a lot of hard work and realisation, the negative effect, alcohol has on you will become clearer. "


"I was aware of Strive but only got involved after yet another “last straw” moment. I had stopped drinking before but it was painful and I was miserable. With the support and education I have received from Strive I am happily alcohol-free now for over 100 days and have no desire to drink a poison that brings no value to my life whatsoever. "


"I joined Strive a year and a half after my last drink searching for the understanding of how to remain alcohol-free forever. I found way more. In addition to new friends, I learned why I found myself needing to quit in the first place. Strive provided me with the vocabulary to describe what I had gone through. Knowledge is strength. Alcohol was already far back in my rear view mirror. What I learned from being on Strive pushed it back to the horizon and then it disappeared. "


"This is a short glimpse of my life 2 weeks before I decided to change my drinking experience. I wrote this in my journal; Feb. 2018 ~ Ryan ( my son ) got into town to visit Daniel ( my grandson who was admitted for depression/anxiety). He went straight to the Calm Center to visit Daniel. I was home and started to cook dinner. I remember Ryan arriving and serving him something to eat. The rest of the evening is gone, I remember nothing. I woke up scared as usual…something happened ~ I know I was disappointed in myself and the shame was so heavy I couldn’t shake it off. At some point, I just felt so tired and empty of this relationship I have with alcohol, thinking I can master it. So, since that day I have not drank alcohol. All thanks to God who is my strength and guides my life. And, to Strive who sustains me. Hearing others Striving to be sober is like medicine to my mind and soul. Anna ~ Feb. 28th, 2018 2 weeks of being AF ~ yessssss !! "


"I had already decided I was a non-drinker a few weeks before I found Strive. As soon as I heard Lee telling his story on a podcast, I knew this was my group. Becoming someone who doesn’t drink is a lonely road, especially at first, and I was struggling on my own. But it was much more than ‘company’. It was the first time anyone had ever said they had my back, and it was the first time I felt true acceptance. Strive is part of my life and I hope the people I have connected with here always will be. "


"I am thankful for finding Strive. No shaming, only love and compassion felt along this life’s journey to be alcohol-free. "


"Strive has been a great help throughout becoming someone who does not drink alcohol. There is a wealth of advice from people at all stages of their journey, always available and ready to lend an ear. IIf you want to stop smoking or taking illegal drugs you will find support and encouragement almost everywhere. Quitting drinking doesn’t receive quite the same treatment. Its the only drug you have to justify not taking. "


"I first started back when Strive was “The Needy Helper”, I was actually pretty fond of that name :wink: I didn’t have a rock bottom moment but I was definitely tired of my anxiety, guilt, and shame around drinking. I was a binge drinker. My body/mind blacked out most of the time, so I would wake up in sheer panic. My depression and sadness were unmeasurable. I had tried to stop several times before, I even self-referred into an Outpatient none AA center. I was sober 11 months that time and that was about 2 years before I met Lee and the group. The Outpatient center didn’t give me the proper tools so it failed for me. It was Early December 2016 I started with this group. I was searching online for non AA groups and even though I’m in the USA, Lee’s group came up and I joined. Lee listened and so did the group. Countless messages and emails I was a bundle of massive anxiety. I drank because of it. It only made it worse, I was on medication also. It took me a couple months to fully stop and March 29th, 2017 I stopped my meds and alcohol. Its been 573 days today. Lee and I battled with my triggers, breaking each one of them down. I reported my triggers to the group, we all talked about them and it helped me not feel alone. I did the emotional hard work, I was met with massive resistance but I kept of pushing and plugging along, and Lee always believed in me and never wavered. Acceptance and validation are much needed in this process and the group gave me that. Having the support of this group and Lee is why I’m sober today. November 3rd, 2018 I lead my first local Sober Group. I have 6 people signed up! I have named us “Eunoiatribe”. It means clear mind beautiful thinking. I hope I can be as much value as I have received. It’s a huge thing to put yourself out there and be a light. But because of this group I know I can make a difference. Lee is one of the most influential people in my life. I am grateful his soul is on this earth. Good luck to you all and just believe in yourself and you can achieve peace!"

Michelle Gaspaire

"Strive is primarily a place to come when you want to quit drinking but after joining you will realise that it is so much more than that! It is a place to find strength, to learn about yourself, better your relationships and an opportunity to help and support others. It is a community. Strive is a family. "


"Strive was the place I needed to be, at exactly the right time. Without it, I would likely not be someone who finds no value whatsoever in alcohol. It was a relief to finally have a place to be with other like minded people who had similar goals. I found compassion, honesty and the support I needed."


"Strive isn’t just a forum - it’s a wonderfully caring, and inspiring community. You will learn heaps from your fellow Strivers and if you fully immerse yourself, you have the potential to become a person who doesn’t drink alcohol ever again. Like any community there will be good times and dark times, but there will never be judgement, just super lovely genuine support and guidance from like-minded people. Strive without a shadow a doubt, has been the the missing piece of the jigsaw for me in my journey to life without alcohol. I’m truly grateful to have found this second home. Get stuck in to Strive. You won’t regret it. "

Michelle P

"It is so hard to put into words how much Strive has changed my life. The structure, the support and the accountability that this platform provides has been key to my journey to become someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. What I have learnt about myself since joining Strive is amazing. Exploring the belief system around alcohol, dispelling the brainwashing and replacing it with the truth ie. that alcohol is a violent, dominant and invisible belief system, has been incredibly freeing. Creating a future which aligns with meaning and purpose rather than the entrapments of addiction is something I did not think was possible 5 years ago. We have one life. Strive has shown me the importance of living it as our best selves, filled with joy, freedom and presence."


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